The Insurance Take on Driving Faster

In a state-wide effort to curb dangerous driving habits, the State of New York has designated the initial week in August as “Speed Week”.

What is Speed Week?

Speed Week involves a focused campaign up against the perils of driving too fast along with other forms of distracted driving.

While the anti-speeding program enforced from the particular state’s police could possibly be concentrated on people that drive in NY, your message should resonate all around the United States.

Country-wide car insurance policy claims include the findings in the New York State Police Superintendent George P. Beach II.

“Studies have established, speeding kills,” said the authorities superintendent in the related interview. “During this campaign and year-round, we are going to work to reduce these kinds of dangerous driving.”

The summer and especially the month of August may be chosen for your period when police personnel target speeding driving as a result of studies that shine a black light about the same time span throughout the year 2016. That year was infamously noted to the most driving fatalities occurring due to speeding drivers.

Tragically, one-fifth of all 2016 auto deaths were regarding driving higher than the speed limit.

But it gets better.

As per the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, three of all the ten vehicular drivers unabashedly admit to speeding.

Last year’s 2017 summertime police force of “Speed Week” concluded with approximately 21,000 traffic summonses which are comprised of approximately 9,000 tickets when it comes to speeding.

The means from the campaign is by police ticketing. The message? Whether you drive inside borders of New York State or any place else in the United States of America, let’s come together to halt the frightening trend of driving fatalities caused by speeding while driving.

Implementing the material is easier than one may often think with such six simple tips from your insurance industry.

1. Remember the possible link between speeding while driving: debilitating accidents, police ticketing, a poor driving record plus more expensive auto insurance rates.

2. Never drive when agitated or excited. Make a concentrated effort to wind down prior to driving. Take a deep calming breath, tune into classical or softer music and prevent at the side in the road you need to compose yourself.

3. Give yourself more hours in reaching your destination therefore you will not often speed.

4. Make sure to allow extra travel time.

5. Pay attention to how rapid you are going by glimpsing periodically for your car’s speedometer.

6. Use the cruise control in your vehicle while driving on level highways.

7. Drive slightly slower versus the posted speed limit.

A safe driver is really a happy driver. Have a great summer!

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