Time For A New Tribe

Do you feel almost like you’ve outgrown your circle of friends? Perhaps you don’t feel safe or understood ever again. There may be diminishing things you can present to people with your habitual circle, also it leaves you feeling lonely or isolated. If so, most. Welcome to among the core dynamics of continuous growth!

As we always evolve, many people struggle with feelings of not quite fitting in with the traditional community or tribe: organic meat have expanded or changed past the borders of tribal norms, with out longer chose the same a sense belonging there. Other members can have tightened the tribal rules to foster feeling of security. As a result, organic meat feel a feeling of disconnection or alienation.

In truth, all of us is a member of many tribes simultaneously: there’s your original tribe – your family you were born into – and then there are the many communities of you have joined: your hard work tribe, your social circles, your faith-based community, your location, and much more. These communities are certainly not static; they’re in continuous flux simply because consist of those that are in continuous states of change. When there exists a lot of change happening either in the individual or perhaps the community, a feeling of dissonance results.

How shall we be held to deal with this? First, you have to recognize that tribal allegiances were historically forged for survival. They were adapted over centuries to guarantee the safety and survival on the group. Survival needed that individuation be sacrificed with the trade-off of security.

In community, the tables are flipped. Whether we like it you aren’t, change is crucial for survival at each level of being. The pace of change is driven by technological advances and happens with increasing rapidity: sociologists estimate more and more change has brought place in society throughout the past century, when compared to the totality with the previous 6,000 years. Individual adaptation will be a requirement for survival, along with the pace of person change doesn’t always match the pace from which our various tribal communities evolve. The resulting dissonance could potentially cause intense friction and pain.

Dissonance also comes from confusion involving the concepts of ‘connection’ and ‘community.’ We are likely to equate one together with the other, whenever they really connect with different qualities. Connection concerns connectivity: the goal physical technology or media so that us to create community, but which doesn’t represent the grade of that community. Connectivity simply provides the opportunity to get connected to others through internet, texting, cell phone calls, or other social networking options.

Community will be the result of building relationship through meaningful interaction after a while. There is no shortcut; it is just a process that develops when bonds of trust and intimacy are nurtured and honored.

And here lies a caveat: When we confuse connectivity with community, we depersonalize the sacred nature of true community you need to relating to people as objects. Instead of developing intimacy with time, we collect friends on social networks or attempt to buy people’s allegiance. Yet friending is merely an act of connecting; it won’t create intimacy.

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