Medical Equipment Service Level Agreement

This comprehensive plan provides collaborative, strategic and supportive service. RENA`s carefree service level agreement is usually verified on the spot by the service manager, with an individual fullCARE customer service program based on the existing facility. In this way, we focus on you and your requirements. Select all service products from the RENA service portfolio and we`ll include them in current service level agreements. Describes the general objectives and obligations of each party that are necessary to enable each party to cooperate effectively so that the service provider can provide a foreign service to the client. Additional parts of this section can be added: to specify the obligations of each party, to maintain the documentation of its activities in accordance with the agreement, to verify specific standards and protocols (for example. B service protocols, training manuals, etc.) that are normally related to the agreement, ensure compliance with the agreement and establish key performance indicators that may be required of one or more parties to be monitored and notified as part of the .B agreement (e.g., customer satisfaction surveys, training, etc.). Sets out policies and procedures for dealing with complaints and disputes that may arise between the parties during their relationship. This part of the agreement generally contains a language of separation which states that if certain parts of the contract are considered illegal or otherwise unenforceable, the rest of the contract should continue to apply. Other remedies for dispute resolution may also be defined where the parties are unable to find a negotiated solution to this dispute (for example. B referee).

The preamble generally contains the type of services to be provided by the service provider and the name of the customer equipment to be provided. These are often linked as exhibitions (e.g. Appendix A, B, C, etc.) agreement to update these services and/or lists of devices for the duration of the agreement, replacing the exposure with a new version without having to modify the main part of the contract.