What Is A Non Disclosure Agreement In Afrikaans

All of our agents and linguists have signed confidentiality agreements and are ready to sign their own confidentiality agreements if necessary. All of our systems and technologies are protected by 128-bit encryption. Since these are legally binding contracts and valuable information, it is important that those who translate legal documents on your behalf know exactly what they are being asked to do. Translations of legal documents can sometimes contain very sensitive information, but you don`t have to worry about compromising it. Our systems are protected by 128-bit encryption technology and our team of staff and linguists sign all confidentiality agreements. In addition to standard contracts such as employment or lease agreements, confidentiality agreements must also be translated. We would like to accept the translation of these confidentiality agreements (NDAs) for you in any language you need. Email us your text or fill out the application form. You will immediately receive a non-binding offer from us. It goes without saying that we also respect confidentiality agreements.

Before the start of our contract, if you wish, we will provide a signed confidentiality agreement. For more information, just send us an email. If you require it, we are prepared to sign our own confidentiality agreements in order to conclude security when translating legal documents. Although English is generally used as a commercial language in the world, it is often not sufficient for the translation of special agreements. Do you want to spend your esteem for customers in China to live? We would like to accept the translation of your documents into standard Chinese or Mandarin. An overview of the most requested languages is available here: Summary. As an agency, we have many qualifications, including: Smart contracts use the blockchain to create a decentralized ledger that records all contract transactions safely. We also offer a demonstration of our translation services on this site, as well as the latest industry news. We have specialized teams of Afrikaan linguists in different fields and skills. They are experts in their sector, with relevant knowledge and experience, and we help them work according to their skills.

Our focus on quality and system processes has allowed us to become one of the first accredited agencies with ISO 17100 – the first quality standard for professional translation services. For more information on Afrikaans` legal translations, please contact. Our team of experts is happy to provide you with answers to any questions you may have, while feeling useful on our faq page. But we are also experts in a wide range of areas – including dispute resolution, European regulation and insurance – which allow us to meet certain requirements that you have in terms of translating legal documents. With our many years of experience in providing competent translation services, you can be sure that we can provide you with accurate and timely processing of all translations of legal documents that you have in charge. Although the majority of our Afrikaan linguists are based in South Africa, we also have local African translators and interpreters around the world. Our global project management presence and distributed teams of Afrikaans translators give you real benefits if you have narrow rotation requirements. We are able to offer certified and notarized translations of Afrikaans.