Tenet Corporate Integrity Agreement 2006

“These charges underscore our ongoing commitment to bringing individuals and businesses to justice for their fraudulent behavior,” said Assistant Attorney General Blanco. “We will follow the evidence that this will lead us, including in the company`s executives.” On October 19, 2016, North Fulton Medical Center, Inc. and Atlanta Medical Center, Inc. pleaded guilty to deceiving the United States and violating the anti-kickback status (AKS). Tenet HealthSystem Medical Inc. (and its subsidiaries (THSM) also entered into a non-prosecution agreement with the government at that time. In accordance with the AFN`s provisions, THSM and Tenet will avoid prosecution if, among other things, they cooperate with ongoing government investigations and improve their compliance and ethics programs and internal controls. Knowing that such a kickback system was clearly illegal, hospitals and Clinica entered into prefabricated contracts that revealed that hospitals were paying Clinica for translation, management, marketing and consulting services. (These services were not the true purpose of payments; therefore, these services were never provided, inferior or doubled for existing services.) Hospital managers continued to conceal the true purpose of their agreements with Clinica by hiding information from internal and external contract verification consultants. Although they knew that their agreements with Clinica were illegal, CIA hospital officials certified that Tenet complied with applicable laws and the CIA. “When pregnant women seek medical advice, they deserve treatment that is not tainted with illegal bribes and bribes,” said Assistant Attorney General Bitkower. “The Tenet case is the first to be supported by the criminal division`s fraud strike force. This is one of dozens of ongoing corporate investigations by the strike force, and we are committed to tracking evidence of health fraud wherever it is done — whether it is doctors, pharmacy owners or corporate boards.

In this case, these were itnet substance abuse clinics and hospitals that keep patients longer than necessary and unnecessary treatment. In addition to the fine, Tenet signed the first of a series of company integrity agreements. This recent agreement was not Tenet`s first brush with the Law on Illicit and Fraudulent Behaviour.